Here we are heading into the 9th year of this awesome summertime get together in the hills of the San Juan Mountains. Our event is all about the people that show up, have fun, battle the weather, get excited at the raffle, and most importantly make memories with their families. We have organically grown this event from 4 guys showing up near Ouray almost a decade ago, to an event that has 100, 100 Series Land Cruisers roll into beautiful Silverton, CO.  With those 100 drivers we have nearly 250 more friends, families, and supporting vendors make the trip to HIH.

Our number one objective each year to create an atmosphere that people love to bring their families to.  The focus is on using the 100 Series Land Cruiser as the medium to connect us all to what we like to do best, relax and have a blast with other like-minded folks.  From the feedback, we have received over the years and all of the returning participants, we think we are doing a pretty good job of that.

We hope that coming to an HIH event will leave you headed home with many memories that will last for years. We have seen it all over the years and it has made every year unique.  From rain for 4 straight days to one of our groups helping out in a rescue situation to pulling trucks up the wall at Poughkeepsie after some carnage, this event is not the same every year and we like it that way.  The people at our event really make it all so memorable.

Lastly, we cannot do any of this without our supporting vendors.  They brave the weather, set up tents in the muck, share beverages with everyone, and supply raffle items that lead to HIH having the BEST raffle.  Your chances to win are high, the excitement is awesome, and the vendor is right there enjoying it all with us. There is no ‘Vendor Night’ obligation for them, they just show up and hit the trails with us.  That is pretty cool.


Well, Stan and I are glad you are reading this because you are likely thinking about coming to your 1st 100s in the Hills Event or maybe you’ve been coming for years. Whatever the case, THANK YOU.  We do not think you will be disappointed if you can commit to making the trip out west to beautiful Silverton, CO.  

Hope to see you all soon!!



The Event Directors for 100s in the Hills