Clear Lake to Super Secret

Clear Lake | 100s in the Hills

RATING: Easy to Moderate

This is an easy run very suitable for stock vehicles. We will climb above tree-line and have lunch at Clear Lake. The lake is situated in a natural amphitheater surrounded on three sides by peaks reaching over 13,000ft. We will be sitting at 12,000 feet, so this will be a good test for those of you coming from sea level. This is also a great way to introduce yourself to the shelf roads of SW Colorado. There is some exposure on the climb and you need to stay focused. Additionally, this trail is a fun one for families looking to spend some time at the lake and participating in some mountain lake fishing. Reaching Clear Lake is well worth the effort as the views along this trail are amazing. We will return to camp via the Super Secret Trail, with is an unmarked and unnamed trail with views that will take your breath away. This option is meant to be extremely family friendly and rather tame.